Transcendental Train yards book signings

Norma E. Cantu and I  started our book signing! First in Philadelphia at Taller Puertorriqueno, then at the Philadelphia Art Alliance. Thank you Carmen Febo and Thora Jacobson for inviting our collaborative prints and book into your art centers.

The opportunity to exhibit the suite Transcendental Train Yard and have the book signing is such a wonderful experience to share! The prints are available at the  Ruiz-Healy Art in San Antonio. Please consider purchasing the suite for your own personal collection or to donate to universities and libraries in your community. Donating will allow you to become a patron of the arts and is also tax deductible. Art uplifts and enriches our community.

We have many photos of our past book signing and will continue to record our path as we go. We post our photos on our Facebook page. Please join us when you can!12417684_1192411900788944_5511018184742664927_n 12417920_1192412170788917_2212373041398105522_n 12417953_1192412280788906_8343336927254072283_n 12573928_1192411487455652_3150546181481896791_n 12592243_1192411550788979_4595781313741834698_n12549044_1192412034122264_4288998965091646322_n 12494996_1192411427455658_6818868740512599103_n