Reclaiming Gurney St.

HACE ‘s “Reclaiming Gurney Street “Project

I  created imagery as the outline of the trains drawn from memory. Using the suggestion of the trains as a linear sculpture to  reveal the background that shows the transformation of the urban area with plants and foliage in the future, but always the big sky around it.

The artwork is a metal sculptures in steel with a finish that reflects light when hit by sun. I have invited David Acosta to create poems with the community as a collaboration. The art pieces was installed along the fence installed by the Conrail line.  I made the work to honor those that live in the area by the trains and those that have passed away while living in the opioid encampment under the bridges and around the tracks of this area on Gurney St..  With the collaboration of David Acosta’s poetry workshops with the seniors and area youths we made art that memorializes those who passed away and offer strength to reclaim Gurney for a brighter  trail to the future.

Marta Sanchez
Return Love, part if the installation for “Reclaiming Gurney St.”





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