The Cheech

Special thanks and congratulations to Cheech Marin on the opening of the Cheech Marin Arts and Culture Center @ the Riverside Museum. The opening brought me and all who are in the collection much pride and validation. Yes we have made great strides! The Chicano/a Movement in the arts that has been ignored by major art museums for decades. “Gotas hacen Mares”, has been my philosophy. Keep working and moving forward and soon there will be a sea of a visual language that resonates the lives of Chicano/as.

Thank you Cheech for your hard work and faith in our work. It’s been a great ride in the twenty some-odd years I have had the pleasure of exhibiting with you and can’t wait for what the future brings. Un Gran Abrazo de gracias!

La Danza, oil and enamel on tin and copper, 3’x5′.

Interview @ the Cheech
With my son Phillip and Wayne Alaniz Healy.