Inside out, 2020

So much has happened in the past year isolation. I taught online while making a public art piece for HACE’s Casa Indiana. In my studio I dove into painting using as much as my old supplies as possible to describe the world around me. I cleaned house in the event that I may move to Texas or to heaven(I hope).

I am working on archiving my old works creating a page on the website to store them. While doing so plans to update of all work in also in the works.

Cascarones Por La Vida is working on an online Cascarones project that will create an a new fund in addition to assisting families affected by HIV/AIDS. This new fund is Cascarones Art and Philanthropy, offering artists seed money to create an art event to support an organization close to their heart such as health, environment, and social justice.

Raising money by selling textiles, books, and other Cascarones inspired items with half the proceeds to go to this fund. I hope you support this effort with me.