Photo by Gustavo Garcia
Photo by Gustavo Garcia

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Ricardo Romo Ph.D. for Latinos In America

While we are technically always living through history, the art you have given us was a way for us to document, understand, and relate to each other where we came from and what we as leaders must do to inspire others. -David Gonzalez,

David Gonzalez (President/CGPM)  1st degree connection1st
HACE Management Company – President/CGPM – Property Management Group

 I have greatly admired Marta Sanchez’s work as both an artist and educator since the time we worked together as colleagues at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Her art is beautiful and provocative, alternately lyrical and tough.  I’m constantly moved by her ongoing exploration of her Latina heritage as it relates to the broader issues of today, those that matter most in Philadelphia…and well beyond. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.-

William R. Valerio, Ph.D.
The Patricia Van Burgh Allison Director and CEO,The Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia,PA

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