A new vision at former ‘El Campamento’ site Al DIA

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Caitlin McCabe, Residential Real Estate Reporter, May 16,2019

Hispanics in Philanthropy conference interview

Somos En Escrito, The Latino Literary Online Magazine, May 13,2019                       

Marta Sanchez Beautifies the Conrail Yards, by Suji Kanneganti, INLIQUID art and DESIGN, Member News,

On Faith Dreams and Art, Marta Sanchez

As a child, I saw that art held a daily purpose for us. It inspired my grandmother to worship and communicate to God and her many saints, and uplifted us with spiritual, miraculous images that taught us morals based on the narratives of the image. From our churches to the shrines at my grand- mother’s home, I began to talk to and meditate on statues and paintings…”

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– Collective of Latino artists opens exhibit in Chestnut Hill :

Article for HOY en Delaware:   HOY en Delaware LLC

-Transcendental Train yards, Wings Press,San Antonio, Texas

-Contemporary Chicana and Chicano art: Artists, Works, Culture and Education vol. I and II
Arizona Press

-Art work can also be found in Running Press Books:

Latino Wit and Wisdom (Miniature editions)
Mothers                               (Courage books)
Quotable Women              (Courage Books and recently printed (Miniature edition)

Cuentos,Midland college review

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