Cascarones, trains, philanthropy. Proceeds go to Cascarones Fund.
Cascatren 3 is a hybrid of my work for over 20 years. I wanted to combine the egg shape that I work on with art & philanthropy, and narrative of the trains in my life.

Summer/Fall 2017 events

Deep in the Vault of Texas: A Campus Collaboration, LBJ Presidential Library, University of Texas, Austin, Texas”

Fall 2017  

We the Immigrants, Washington Printmakers Gallery,  Washington D.C.  opening October 14th

Diversity-Driven:1975-2017″, The Printed Image Galleries. Brandywine Workshop and Archives, Philadelphia, PA opening October 11th

Open Studio, October 8, 12-5 p.m. Northeast section

2015 -20      Pennsylvania Icons, The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA

Fall 2016 events

I often get asked about my shows by friends or people who just met me. They will see my card or hear that I’m an artist and ask “where can I see your art work?” I respond with “you can see some of my work in town at Joe Borrelli’s Chestnut Hill Gallery, the Pennsylvania State Museum’s (five year exhibit), or my studio.” Any new, upcoming exhibits?…

I usually find myself exhibiting in the fall for Hispanic Month or spring for Women’s Month. It is what it is, just a fact.  I’m happy exhibiting once or twice a year with the rest of the time focusing on art making.

This past spring I had the great opportunity to share my work with fellow archived artist, Lilliana Wilson at the University of Texas at Austin, The fall exhibitions had one  Latino themed exhibit and one of political social justice. The group shows I was involved in this year has given me the opportunity to meet artists outside my circle as well as reunite me with old friends.

Here are a few pictures of the exhibitions and my fellow artists. Special thanks to the artists for sharing your art, and friends and family for coming by to see the work. Your presence and support matters and is truly appreciated.

Message and Dreams exhibition, photo courtesy of Susan Coote, Gallery Director of Episcopal Academy.

photo courtesy of Susan Coote, Gallery Director of Episcopal Academy.

photo courtesy of Susan Coote, Gallery Director of Episcopal Academy.

photo courtesy of Susan Coote, Gallery Director of Episcopal Academy.

Susan Coote and artist, Betty Leacraft , photo courtesy of the artist.










Joan Perkins curator of Tertulia in the museum.


Tertulia in the Museum, The Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie, Trenton, NJ

With fellow artists @ Tertulia in the Museum, The Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie, Trenton, NJ

Tertulia in the Museum, The Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie, Trenton, NJ


Spring Exhibition at the Lila Benson Latin American Library at the Univesrity of Texas at Austin.
Spring Exhibition at the Lila Benson Latin American Library at the University of Texas at Austin.
















Artist, Liliana Wilson

Modesta Trevino at the panel discussion.

Poet and Folklorist Norma E. Cantu as moderator for panel discussion on the art of Marta Sanchez and Liliana Wilson.

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Fall 2016 Events


fullsizerender-4img_0987-Create Collaborative Public Art project. Brandywine workshop and Archive, Philadelphia PA


-Tertulia in the Museum, Art exhibition Highlighting Local and Regional Latino Artists, The Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie, Trenton, NJ

Taller Puertorriqueno Group exhibition, El Corazón Cultural Center, Philadelphia, PA

MESSAGES and AMERICAN DREAMS, Crawford Campus Center Gallery,

October 19 – November 16, 2016 Reception: Wednesday, October 26, 12:30 -1:30


Pennsylvania Icons, State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA



Allied Media Conference in Detroit!

June16-19 in Detroit!

Twitter: @alliedmediaconf@alliedmedia


Thanks to the Leeway Foundation I was able to attend this conference. The whole trip was a part of events had a bit of serendipity relating to the direction for my future work. I have many projects going on and possible plans. As I spent the previous weeks closing a door in my 16 years of teaching lower school I have looked up to the sky and asked where to now? Deep in my heart I know that something exciting awaits me.

I had that in my mind as well as trips to interview my family in Lansing, I have been wanting to include uncles and my cousins for an archival project I have been working on titled “Unfolding the Life of Blanca Estela. I was not sure how I could fit this in my summer plans until the conference opened the opportunity to meet my family in Detroit in-between conferences for dinner.

The conference dynamic was youthful and full of a diverse community. I loved seeing everyone’s interest in ways to share their concerns and be heard through their art form and the media available to resonate it. The panels and workshops offered participants the ability to meet and experience media in a new way that is accessible.

I loved “Chicanafuturism and media based Storytelling” presented by Mathew Galindo. His work presentation covered new artist working with multi-media such as film, zines, by Tahnee Udero Autumn Chacon and Mathew’s own work,


Chicana Por Mi Raza Digital Memory Collective’s Introduced me to Maria Cotera, Ramiro Alvarez, Beatriz Lozano, Marco Maria Seiferle-Valencia I enjoyed reflecting at the possibilities of podcasts and how I could use it in the future. I am an NPR fanatic; they keep me company while I drive. While I was attending a podcast workshop I had the chance to meet one of my favorite storytellers, Shannon Cason ( I had just heard one of his stories on Snap Judgment and was filled with emotions just a few days before.

As a narrative painter who is working on a visual narrative on my grandmother I felt in sync with my artistic interests.

Other aspect fell into place as well, the Detroit Institute of Art shared their Diego Rivera Mural in a time that I am working on a collaborative public piece with the Brandywine Workshop and Archive, and my trip to the original Motown shared insight to what great things can come out of artistic passion and perseverance.

I would highly recommend this conference next year to anyone interested in art, technology and tools for social justice. Thank you again Leeway Foundation for offering me the chance to attend something I was in destine to attend!