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  • Older blog posts

    I am not sure how long a blog link last but for now the old blog is still alive! Here is the link to older blog submissions:  

  • Allied Media Conference in Detroit!

    June16-19 in Detroit! Twitter: @alliedmediaconf@alliedmedia Instagram:@alliedmedia Thanks to the Leeway Foundation I was able to attend this conference. The whole trip was a part of events had a bit of serendipity relating to the direction for my future work. I have many projects going on and possible plans. As I spent the previous weeks…

  • Spring 2016 events to share!

    Spring 2016 events to share!

    January The Ruiz Healy Gallery. San Antonio, Texas. -Transcendental Train yards, exhibition and book signing event 1/18 March Delaware Art Museum Cascarones studio workshop 3/12, Wilmington DE Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art   Big Blue Marble Bookstore, Mt. Airy, PA -Book reading signing, 3/19 -Cascarones workshops on 3/20. Art at the Airport,…

  • Transcendental Train yards book signings

    Norma E. Cantu and I  started our book signing! First in Philadelphia at Taller Puertorriqueno, then at the Philadelphia Art Alliance. Thank you Carmen Febo and Thora Jacobson for inviting our collaborative prints and book into your art centers. The opportunity to exhibit the suite Transcendental Train Yard and have the book signing is such a wonderful…

  • Confetti Eggs: Cascarones Por La Vida Art Fund, Creativity for a Cause

    Our cascarones will be featured at the airport in the International terminal! Thank You Leah Douglas and the fine curatorial staff for such a nice installation.

  • 2015 Fall Events

    Solo: Cuentos, the Art of Marta Sanchez September 25–-October 15 The McCormick Gallery, Midland Texas College, Midland Texas   Unfolding the Life of Sra. Blanca Estela The Crawford Campus Center Gallery Episcopal Academy, Newtown Square, PA 19073 (484) 432-9597 October 7, 2015 -November 6,2015 Works made possible by the Independence Foundation’s 2014 Fellowship for the…

  • Welcome

    Welcome to my updated website! I am so excited to be launching this new site with new features.