Retablo for those suffering from COVID
Retablo for those suffering with the Corona Virus enamel on tin,12″x10″, 2020
Retablo for the division of state, oil and enamel on corrugated metal,4’x4′ 2020
Retablo for my father, oil on copper,12″x12″ 1989

Early on as a student I fell in love with the art of retablos from Mexico. My retablos connect with my love for narratives that focus on small and large miracles of the day.  I want to celebrate and memorialize people and events. I have recently incorporated my environmental and social concerns as well.


Freddy sleeping in the afternoon, oil on canvas board, 1980
La Cena on Seguin St. oil on canvas, 2’x4′ 1980

Immigration/Detainment series, acrylics on masonite, 6″x6″, 2020

Freddy and the summer breeze, oil and enamel on aluminum,36″x36″ 1989
Acrobat, enamel on corrugated metal.
Found a Gun, found material series, enamel on aluminum 2015
Artwork Documentation byGustavo Garcia via Colibri Workshop, Philadelphia , PA
One Solution, Revolution, oil on masonite, 16″x17″, 2020
La casa en la calle Rivas de Blanca y Pedro, oil and enamel on masonite, 24″x24″, 2020
La Nina Cardenas, 24″x24″ oil and enamel on masonite, 2020, Artwork Documentation by Gustavo Garcia via Colibri Workshop, Philadelphia, PA.(
Newborn, oil on tin,8″x10″2020

Retablo for Gabriela and Chris, oil and enamel on aluminum,36″x36″, 2020.
Corona Spring, oil and enamel on corrugated metal and copper, 36″x36″2020
Pan Dulce, oil on cotton
Muñeca Mouse, oil and enamel on tin, 8″x10″, 2020
Texas Railroad, oil and enamel on found tin, 2019

Retablo commissions

18″x 24″ retablos commission


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