Public Art

Con la Comunidad, todo es Posible.

mural for HACE,2022

Con la Comunidad todo es Posible.
mural of the essence of community in north Philadelphia.

“Con la comunida, todo es posible”, (1st wall), La Comunidad)

“Con la comunidad todo es posible”, (second wall) Los Trabajadores 2022

Pensando en el Paraíso, and Sacred Armor for Casa Indiana, Mural and Sculpture

Designed by CICADA Architects, Casa Indiana’s affordable senior housing apartments are a continuation of HACE’s decades of work to build an equitable future in the Fairhill and St Hugh neighborhoods, one that respects and celebrates the community’s cultural identity. 

“This project promotes resilience for the community it serves and creates a safe space for a vulnerable population — with opportunities for connection and inspiration as well! Casa Indiana far exceeds other applicants in addressing some of the most pressing equitable community issues of our time.”
– AIA Pennsylvania Awards Jury

The development features a plaza and prominent sculptural installation by local artist Marta Sanchez, telling the story of the rail lines with bright hibiscus flowers springing symbolically from the old tracks. In the back, Casa Indiana’s “Secret Garden” offers a sheltered space to relax and enjoy, along with a paved plaza for outdoor gatherings, an open lawn for recreation, and raised planters that provide opportunities for the residents to garden.

Pensando en el Paraíso, Public art for HACE, Philadelphia, PA, 2020

Spiritual Armor, Powder coated steel sculpture, approx. 10’x62′, Public art for HACE, Philadelphia, PA 2020

Reclaiming Gurney St.

A collaboration with Poet David Acosta

Return Love, part if the installation for “Reclaiming Gurney St.” 2018, Philadelphia
Installation for “Reclaiming Gurney St.” 2018, Philadelphia
Installation for “Reclaiming Gurney St.” 2018, Philadelphia
Installation for “Reclaiming Gurney St.” 2018, Philadelphia

Reclaiming Voices, Poetic collaboration with David Acosta, neighborhood seniors, & youths. Powder coated, laser cut steel, 2019.

Heroes of the Night and Day, for the Simons Recreation, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

This piece was created as part of the One Percent for Art Program of Philadelphia. The project offered me the chance to work with Ted Agoos and now dear friend.

It was created on corrugated metal that allowed me to stencil my drawings onto the panels, marrying my love for painting and printmaking. It is a direction I continue to use in my work today, ebbing wand waning between paint and line.

Simons Recreation Center

Mobiles inside warm yellow cone
Spirits of the Day
Mobiles echo inside cool blue cone full of light.
Spirits of the Night

Heroes of the Night and day. Mural for Simons Recreation Center3-6-2011

Cosmic Angel, for the Children’s Hospital at New Britain, Pennsylvania

This was piece was actually a collaboration with my husband John Dallam. We both created pieces with cut metal and spiral copper to represent the evening sky. I started the project with it’s shapes, colors and concept but John’s assistance in installing the work brought an airy soulful touch to the piece.

Cosmic Angels
Cosmic Angels, collaboration with John Dallam for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, New Britain,Pennsylvania. Aluminum, enamel and copper, 1999
Not Soon Forgotten: Homage to Paul Robeson, invitational mural exhibition, Levy Gallery, Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA, 1998. Later permanently installed at the West Regional Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
mixed media on drywall panels approx. 20'x8'
Paul Robeson and 21 Century Lady Liberty, Mural for the Not Soon Forgotten: Homage to Paul Robeson,
West Library of Philadelphia
Paul Robeson and the 21st Lady of Liberty, installed at the West Regional Library. Philadelphia,PA

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