Transcendental Train yards, poetry by Norma E.Cantú & Art by Marta Sánchez

Based on the suite of prints titled Transcendental Train yards, the book was created to share poetry, and art inspired by the Mexican experience with the train yards. Essays by Actor/collector Cheech Marin Art Historian Dr.Constance Cortez, Scholar Tomas Ybarra Frausto, and Anthropologist Dr. Peter Haney.



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Suites and Individual prints

Works on paper,


Reclaimimg Gurney St.

These prints were made from smaller prototypes created for the public art commission on Gurney Street by the Conrail Line in Philadelphia. The Conrail line installed a fence to assist in keeping the area free of opioid camps that had established itself in the neighborhood. The prints consist of monotype and relief hand printing. limited edition of 6.


Philly in 4 Seasons

Philly in 4 Season, 4 prints,2016 These four print create an image that reveals the season of Urban Philadelphia. As on of five collaborating artist to create this project of four prints at the Brandywine workshop, I chose to reflect on Philadelphia. This edition of 12 looks great together or displayed separately.


Transcendental Train Yards

Suite of ten serigraph prints created at Austin's noteworthy Coronado Studio. The suite is a collaboration with poet Norma E.Cantu The edition of fifty is in collections of colleges and museums. A great inclusion to the Mexican Experience with the history of the train yards through Chicana visual arts and poetry.


Individual prints

Silence is golden collaboration with Norma E.Cantu, printed at Coronado Studios, Austin TX

Silence is Golden

Serigraph collaboration with poet Norma E.Cantu. With imagery of la Casa de Blanca Estela, Norma creates a wonderful poem through a young girl's eyes.


La casa de Blanca Estela one of the last prints created at Coronado Studio, Austin,TX 2014

La Casa de Blanca Estela

One of the last prints created at Coronado Studio in Austin Texas, La Casa de Blanca Estela. small edition of 20


Luna de plata, serigraph 2015, Coronado Studio, 600.00

Luna de plata

Moonlight serigraph printed at Coronado Studio with silver ink added.


Cactus flower for Bresenia

Mixed media work on paper for Bresnia, a young girl killed along with her father by vigilantes.


Train yard contained by screen.

Contained Lanscape

Fenced in or out, the divide organic flowing floral bars seperate the landscape for the future or of the past.


A Frank reflection of beginnings and endings.For my friend Frank.

A frank reflections of beginning and endings

Print created for Brandywine Workshop with the thought of home and my friend Frank Bramblett. 22"x30" limited editon, offset litho from the Brandywine Workshop,2006.




The acrobat is in reference to the Mexican carpas. oil and enamel on corrugated metal, 2006, 24"x 36"


Train yard in the daylight is also incorporated on Solildad, a serigraph from the Transcendental Train Yards suite.

Train yard in the daylight

Narrative piece of the train yards and carpas with the memories of my grandfather. 4'x6' oil oil and enamel on corrugated metal,


Prelude based on sketch of my son

Precious Cargo

Based on the train s that takes a chance to travel with precious cargo for a brighter future. 4'x6'oil on corrugated metal


Freedom is a universal dream

3'x3' oil on aluminum


Fragmented Train Yard

oil and enamel on copper, 18"x 72", 1998


Retablo for my friend Stan in memory of the kind man that was kicked to death on his way home from a neighborhood pub. He died alone left on the street. He was a good man. oil on corrugated metal, 2014

Retablo for Stan

oil and enamel on corrugated aluminu,4'x4'


San Martin de Porres

fabric doll 3'x2' approx., oil on canvas


Paintings,small works

La Cena

Created during the Transcendental Train yard suite enamel, pencil,and oil on tin, 5"x6", 2003


Men working on the track

Painting on tin, oil, pencil and enamel on tin. 4"x6", 2004


Mujers y los trens,

Created during the Transcendental Train yard suite enamel, pencil,and oil on tin, 5"x6", 2004


Carpas mixed media on tin

Las Carpas

Created during the Transcendental Train yard suite enamel, pencil,and oil on tin, 5"x6", 2003


small train yard on tin

Vertial train yard

Painting of San Antonio Train yard 5"x8" oil on tin


women working, train yard

Woman working on the train yard

Created during the Transcendental Train yard suite enamel, permanent marker, and oil on tin, 5"x7", 2003


Man working at the train yard

Created during the Transcendental Train yard suite enamel, pencil,and oil on tin, 8"x10", 2003


Las carpas

oil enamel on tin 10"x10"



18"x24" 1999, oil on copper


Train overlooking moving trains in the foreground

Tower over looking tracks

Acrylic on wood, oil on copper, 10"x10"


From here to there

two panels acrylic 12"x12" each.


Still life for Ms. Kittie

acrylic on wood panel, 12"x12"


Refinery at night

acrylic on wood panel, 12"x12"